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Feel The Spirit

Other Worldly Folk Music Gems and Psychedelics

Released 17th July 2006
Folk music has never been cooler than it is now. And frankly, the psychier the better.

Feel The Spirit is the brainchild of Mark Pritchard (Troubleman, Harmonic 33, Global Communication), a gentleman who has produced well respected music across many genres, from classic ambient to hiphop, techno, drum and bass, broken beat, and experimental electronic work rather than the more rustic environs of folk. Growing up in deepest Somerset, his roots are showing.

Most of the music on this album was recorded at a time when hippie ideals were being traded for singer-songwriter dollars on the boulevards of Hollywood. However, while the likes of Joni Mitchell found fame, many artists missed the turning marked Mainstream Success and headed up the misty, winding road of way out-ness. These are some of those artists.

Track Listing

  1. Feel The Spirit - Heaven & Earth
  2. Mr Man - Air
  3. Magician In The Mountain - Sunforest
  4. Free Wheel - Hard Meat
  5. Autopsy - Fairport Convention
  6. Get Thy Bearings - Donovan
  7. Wooden Ships - Christine Harwood
  8. For You - Barbara and Ernie
  9. Winters Going - Bonnie Dobson
  10. Ebony Glass - Nancy Priddy
  11. Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan
  12. Chimacum Rain - Linda Perhacs
  13. Along Came Sam - Spleen
  14. An Elegy - Free Design
  15. End of the World - Kathy Smith
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